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Do you have a leaky roof that needs repairing? Are you looking for a subtle way to enhance the beauty of your home? Our team of professional contractors can replace your old, worn out roof or replace missing shingles.

Our primary focus is on new home construction and providing roofing, siding and window services. We also offer home additions and shed construction. These are great ways to enhance your property and increase curb appeal without having to remodel your entire home.


We have been in business since 1998, and have the skills and experience to complete whatever type of home construction project best suits your taste and budget. You’re sure to receive high-quality work from our team. 

We provide:
1. Consultations and free estimates before we start on construction.
2. Faster turnaround times.
3. Premium products and services.


For quick repairs and emergency problems caused by weather damage, we strive to offer around-the-clock services. We want you and your family to live in a safe home year-round.

Schedule your consultation to discuss your home construction needs with us. Once we know your project plans, we’ll provide you with an estimate before starting on construction.

Look what we did in 3 days!


General Contracting and from the ground up construction

We will walk you through the entire process and answer any question that you might have. We’ll listen to your ideas to get a good sense of what you want for your new home and ensure that it will work with your needs and your budget.

We’ll work with you to install the best products, that are energy saving and customizable for your home.

Personalized to your taste

We specialize in complete personalization. We pride ourselves on our unique panelized homes that save you money and allows for a flexible design with quality construction.

Once we have your designing dreams ready on paper and the materials picked out, we’ll get to work and finish your home in 60-90 days.

We want you to be as involved as possible with the building of your new home. Whether it be last minute changes, or any questions you may have along the way, the team at Twix Construction is there for you.


An overhead solution to Your Home roofing needs.

Quality roofing instilations

Not sure whether you should repair or replace your roof? Our team will come out to your home for an initial visit to inspect the damage and decide whether your roof needs repair, or if it’s better to go ahead and install a new roof. You can trust us to perform honest inspections because it’s our goal to make sure you and your family are protected in Austin, Minnesota. 

To make sure you have a durable roof over your head, our team will offer premium products and brands, Help you choose the best shingles for your roof and Provide you with an estimate based on repair or replacement.

Stop worrying about your roof and call Twix Construction today. We can repair roofs that have been damaged by natural disaster and those that are worn from old age. We're also skilled at new construction installations. Call 507-437-8587 today and schedule an appointment with the professionals at Twix Construction.

Siding & Windows


Tired of the old, ragged siding on your home? Do you want to change your home’s appearance without getting into a complete remodeling project? Let us install new vinyl siding on your house or repair your existing siding, for an affordable and energy-conscious update that also looks great. 

While we’re repairing your siding, we can also reframe your windows or replace them with custom windows to suit your style.

New siding can give your home an immediate makeover. It should give your living space a decorative touch, but also protect against moisture, insects and other harmful elements. Vinyl siding acts as your home's first defense because it is low maintenance, durable, long-lasting, and resistant to UV degredation.
You are not alone in your home remodeling project. We'll meet with you at your location to decide on the best approach for improving your home. We do free estimates for siding and window projects.



Do you need a little more space for your growing family to live comfortably? Are you ready to enjoy the library or study you've wanted for some time? Improve the appearance of your home and increase its curb appeal with the help of Twix Construction. Whether you're building up or building out, our team of professional contractors can create any type of addition to complement your home.

Adding elements to your home should be stress-free and enjoyable. It also should be built by reliable contractors with years of experience. Our professional team will consult with you on where to build your addition, plan blueprints that adhere to your home and style, and build an addition that will blend seamlessly with the existing house.

Sheds and pole buildings

 WE build large pole buildings for commercial and residential use. 

Call 507-437-8587 now to learn more about large pole building construction!

REASONS TO CONSTRUCT A LARGE POLE BUILDING You may not have livestock or farm equipment to keep dry, but there are plenty of other reasons to have a large pole building constructed on your property. Have an extra space for storage or a multipurpose space you can use for hobbies and entertainment. You can use your pole building for farm shops, farm equipment storage, stables, livestock shelter, vehicle storage, or a workshop.

Choose Twix Construction today to protect your belongings from the elements! 

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